Frequent Camper Discount

If you sign up for more than two camps in the same calendar year, a discount of $30 will be issued on subsequent camps.

For example, if you signed up for six camps in the year, you will get $30 off for the third to sixth camp.

You must pay the price of the camp upfront. The discount will be refunded once the referral is confirmed by our staff.

Referral Program

For every new student referred by you, you will get an additional 10% off of the price of the camp.

For example, if you referred 5 new students to our camp, you will get a 50% discount from the price of the camp (5 x 10% of the price). You can refer up to a maximum of 10 students for any given camp.

The new student whom you referred will get 5% discount.

You must pay the price of the camp upfront. The discount will be refunded once the referral is confirmed by our staff.

Camp Policies

These rules are in place to ensure that all students have the best possible experience at our camps.

Drop off and pick up

A parent or guardian must sign their children in and out of program/camp each day in the presence of an instructor. Drop-off will be at 9:00am and pick up will begin at 4:00pm, unless you have registered for before and/or after care.


Campers should bring their own food for each camp day. Food will not be available for purchase. All food brought to the camp must be NUT-FREE.


A 20% administrative fee will be charged for refunds requested 14 days prior to the program/camp start date. No refunds will be given thereafter. Students will not be compensated for lateness and/or for leaving the program/camp day at an earlier time.

Personal Items

All personal items should be labeled. Kidzwhiz will not be responsible for any lost or misplaced items.


Any of the following actions could result in dismissal from the program/camp: Aggressive behaviour to instructors and/or fellow students.


Failure to comply with program/camp rules. Refusal to follow an instructor’s instructions for the sake of safety. Use of drugs, alcohol and/or weapons. Lack of respect for instructors or other students. Any other inappropriate conduct deemed by the instructor. Any of the following steps can be taken in response: Communication with the child to find the cause of the problem. Removal of the student until the student is willing to behave in an acceptable manner that will not compromise the safety and experience of other students. A meeting with the camp coordinator, instructor and the student. Coordinator / instructor will contact the student's parent/guardian if the child continues the disruptive behaviour. Dismissal without refund.


Campers are not allowed to leave the classroom for any reason without instructor approval or pre-arranged plans.