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Hardware 201

This course will teach you more than how to build and maintain a computer. Its goal is to enrich student’s ability to install hardware and develop problem-solving skills through rich content and clear explanation. We will once again increase your understanding of computer hardware and assembly, and the technical understanding of all kinds of computer accessories.

Contents include:

  • Keyboard / Mouse / Network Card system boot techniques
  • Elaborate on the causes and consequences of overheating the computer and the solutions
  • Install and use of hardware doctor
  • ROM BIOS upgrade principles and detailed steps
  • The use of USB cards, USB Flash Disk principles and techniques, and difference between USB 1.0, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Explained in detail on functionality of restore card. Including installation and use of restore card and learn how to use restore card to protect the computer
  • Windows System Restore (System Restore) application
  • IR (Infrared) and Bluetooth (Bluetooth) with the understanding and application
  • And more…

Requires the completion of Computer Hardware 101.

Age: 10 - 16

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